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 is this normal??

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is this normal?? Empty
PostSubject: is this normal??   is this normal?? EmptyTue Sep 22, 2009 8:56 am

Is it normal to feel alone so often after you have a baby, i know just after i had had morgan i had bad postnatal depression but i sorted that but now she is 2 i dont know whether the same kind of thing is returning!!

my partner works a lot of nights and i normally just blame the fact tthat im upset and feel so lonely on him working these nights but i have been thinking and i dont think this is the full picture!! i am not quite sure how i feel about anything...

i resent a lot of people because they dont come and see me and i am always making the effort or the fact people dont seem to give sucha a crap as what i do that kind of thing so im confused should i be feeling like this???

thankyou for reading guys!! Smile

love you all jodie xxx
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is this normal??
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