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 My Birth Story

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PostSubject: My Birth Story   My Birth Story EmptyFri Aug 14, 2009 2:29 pm

Well. Went into hospital Friday dinnertime got there about 1pm i think. The implant went in at about 5pm but they had to take it out cause my contractions were too close together but not working on my cervix. They expected everything to settle and less than half an hour later i was having full blown contractions.

Cant really remember much if im to be honest, i went a bit crazy on the gas and air lmao...they moved me down the the labour ward as i was starting to get a rather large bloody show and the contractions were making me be sick they were that strong. Got downstairs and finally after begging for some pain relief they gave me gas and air. I was zoned out, couldnt hear anything anyone was saying could still feel pain but was too zonked to hear anything so Danial (OH) had to explain things to me again.
Then it got so the gas and air was NOT helping and they didnt want to give me morphine or pethedine cause baby was too sleepy anyway....so i was stuck in a situation where i gritted my teeth and had gas and air or i had an epidural. I'd had no sleep so was exhausted as it was, the implant had made things stronger and i was on a drip to make the contractions stronger. So against my original thoughts and with the strong advice of really nice doctors i had the epidural. First one didnt work so had to have it done twice but after that mixed with the gas and air i was alot alot better.

Less than two hours after the epidural i had gone from 1cm dilated to 10cm dilated and was getting an unresistable urge to push. Midwife was wonderful she said it was unsual for me to be getting the urges to push with the epidural cause some women find it quite hard to know when. She told me to listen to my body and push when i wanted.

Wasnt too bad till the head came and i thought i was gonna give up cause it hurt so much...anyway she came out and the body was easy to push out.
3.15 pm 20th June ... i gave birth to Lana - Rose Sharp, 8lb 3oz...

I felt great too, was ringing everyone up afterwards lol, had 2nd degree damage had a few stitches and alot of painkillers, lost ALOT of blood and had a fair few blood clots but im ok now except for having iron tablets.

Lana - Rose woke up twice during her first night she was having trouble feeding cause she had alot of phlegm in her system so i was just slowly bringing that up so she was only on small amounts. Managed to give her two fifteen minute breast feeds but then she started to slide off and bite so my nipples hurt like hell i put her onto bottles till she was eating properly but it didnt happen. The doctors were stumped on this white patch of hair shes got. Its not blond, its pure white streak in the front of her hair. They tried to link it to albinoism or something but there was no signs so they're saying that it seems that part of scalp is completely void of pigmnetation lol.
Shes such a little star and we both did really well...

Very Happy:D I couldnt stop staring at her and i still cant lol.
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PostSubject: Re: My Birth Story   My Birth Story EmptySat Aug 15, 2009 4:06 pm

awwww it is so nice Smile i love you lot sooo much Smile
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My Birth Story
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