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 Daddys are important too

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Daddys are important too Empty
PostSubject: Daddys are important too   Daddys are important too EmptyMon Aug 17, 2009 6:36 am


1. By remembering that she has to look after the child nearly all day long, and the strain of this can get her down if you don't lend a hand when you get home.

2. By making a point of listening carefully to what your partner has to say about the child and discussing the child with her.

3. By taking an equal interest in parents meetings, and in the books and pamphlets that are available.

4. By seeing that you have plenty of family outings so that your child has interesting things to talk about.

Weekends are a good time for a child to do lots of things with father. See that the child is busy with something interesting hammering old boxes in the yard, playing with tins in the garden etc., while you are repairing the fence or working in the garden.

Try to make sure that your partner gets one full day off every now and again. This is important for mothers of all handicapped children. If your partner can go away with you or friends, and feel sure that your child or children are being well looked after, it is very good for her.


1. The fact that you can't spend so much time with him/her as your partner can - make the time spent with you more precious, and the things you say seem more important.

2. You are an exciting person who comes home each night with new things to talk about - cars, trains, lifts, factory etc. Sometimes you bring parcels of things home for Mum.

3. You have not been with your child all day, so it is easier for you to be patient when your child is tired just before they go to bed.

4. You can get Mother to tell you what has happened during the day, and the child loves to join in e.g. "This morning Jimmy bumped his head on the corner of the bench, and this afternoon we made some gingerbread".

5. You are an excellent subject for Mother to talk about - "Daddy will be coming home soon" "Daddy forgot to take his coat" Daddy is bringing a new watering can home" etc. etc.

6. By giving your partner a break each day, you save her energy, her health and her temper. She welcomes your support and can be more relaxed in her dealings with the child or children.
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Daddys are important too
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