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 morgans birth story :)

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morgans birth story :) Empty
PostSubject: morgans birth story :)   morgans birth story :) EmptySat Aug 15, 2009 4:19 pm

i was due with morgan on the 19th of may 2007. but the day came and went. a week later a midwife came to my house and gave me a membrane sweep which i absoloutely hated!!!. that didnt work! lol
then exactly 2weeks and 1 day after i went into the hispital to be induced.
the date was the 31st of may i went in at 8.00 in the morning to be induced. once they had got me comfortable on the ward the gave me my first tablet at about 10.00 tht morning and said they would give me one every 4 hours until i was in full labour. so they gave me another one at 2.00. my contractions had already started by this point at about 12.30 something like tht but they said that by giving me another one that it would hipefully help me along quicker.

so the contractions increased in pain at around 3.00 that afternoon i was in a lot of pain and telling the mkidwifes this although i was up and about and trying to walk to contractions off. by 5.00 i couldnt walk with them anymore they were that strong. this went on for hours right up until about 10.00 that night when they had to send my partner and my mum home because i was on a ward with other women who wernt in labour with me.
so i felt so alone and was buzzing the midwifes just for extra pillows or drinks just to see if they would sit and talk to me for half an hour but they didint. i had all the women stressing at me on the ward because i was walking up and down with the pain and breathing and they said they were trying to get to sleep. at about 1.00 in the morning i went to the toilet and realised my show was there so told the midwife all i got was stick on a pad how lovely lol.
but i kept feeling like i wanted to push aswell while on the toilet so they told me that i probably needed a poo and so they gave me an enema that wasnt very pleasant.
i didnt need to go for a poo it turned out. i was asking them to check mw from 2.00 that morning right up until 4.30 and they kept saying they didnt want to keep checking because it could cause complications so i waited all tht time. they ended up giving me pethadine at 4.30 because the pain was unbearable and couldnt sleep was falling asleep in between contractions. asked them to check me at 4.30 so they did assuring me tht i had a way to go yet. but were surprised to find that i was a full 10cm dialated, which i had been telling them for hours. so they rushed me down to the brithing room and i was phoning my mum and partner on way down saying get here now. once i was in room she told me to start pushing i was so scared tht my partner would miss it. at exaclty 5.00 they were there only 10 mins since id phoned. the midwife gave me gas and air but was too focused on pushing her out to do anything else. so didnt have much. the pethidine didnt have time to work in a way im glad it didnt. then finally on the 1st june 2007 morgan georgia westoby was born at 5.37 in the morning. she had loads of hair and weighed an impressive 8ib 3oz. she was absoloutely gorgeous. i didnt tear at all eithe so tht was a bonus as t not having ay stiches. i was just so glad for it all to be over and so i could get some sleep. she was brilliant sleeper too she slept through most of the first night. i was out by 12.00 tht day as soon as the docters had done his rounds i wanted out i didnt wanna stay in there any longer.

she still a good sleeper now and has been the best baby Smile i love her sooo much and thankyou to my mum and james for getting e through it Smile your both so amazing Smile
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morgans birth story :)
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